Battle of the Bulls – $UBER $CRSM $LYFT| Can Carsmartt Overcome and Provide Solutions to Uber’s and Lyft’s Public Woes?

Battle of the Bulls – $UBER $CRSM $LYFT| Can Carsmartt Overcome and Provide Solutions to Uber’s and Lyft’s Public Woes?


Pure Adrenaline…

That’s how I’d describe the last week of trading for $CRSM.

We first reported on Carsmartt, Inc. in early March, back when speculations were high and the stock was largely still unknown.

At the beginning of May, we continued our coverage of Carsmartt, Inc. as they prepared to launch their new ride-sharing application…

Now, $CRSM has officially released their Rider’s and Driver’s application on Google Play and Apple iOS, and it looks slick!

I strongly recommend you download the app, and see for yourself.

Now, that being said…

No run is complete without it’s share of controversy, and the bashers are out in full force.

iHub is bubbling with banter from both sides of the isle. If you’re a supporter and decide to contribute to the conversation, expect to get hounded by one of three (if not all three) professional bashers. But I digress…

Visit the board and see for yourself.

Now one has to wonder…

Why would someone go out of their way, so consistently and agressively, to defame a company for so long if they didn’t have skin in the game? 🤔🤔

Seems to me it would be a huge waste of time unless you were strategically positioned to benefit from the negativity.

Thus a warning...

When browsing the boards, it’s important to keep things in perspective. Everyone posting has something to gain.

iHub isn’t the only influencer getting in on the action.

OTC Markets slapped a yield sign on $CRSM extremely late in the day on Tuesday.

You can see the impact this had on the stock directly. No question about it.

The yield sign was applied to their profile even though Carsmartt’s management was able to submit an updated filing that same day.

This culminated in three filings over the course of a week.

Though unfortunate, we have to welcome the strict regulations being enforced by the markets.

Now when you see a company listed on a specific market, it actually means something.

The OTC Markets drama seems to be short lived as we expect the yield sign to be removed at some point Tuesday following the holiday weekend.

Now it stands to be said…

Most companies in the OTC are lucky to get a single filing. Some tickers see a significant increase in price just because of an attorney letter…

Here we can see that CRSM’s management is extremely engaged and that builds confidence.

As for the bashers…

It’s a viscous process, but anyone who’s been around long enough has seen it play out time, and time again.

Even so, the negativity did not knock $CRSM off it’s feet.

You can see a nice, consistent scoop to end the week.

The smaller arrow points to a pattern which could arguably be interpreted as an inverted head and shoulders seen here…

The blue arrows point to a gap just off the second inverted shoulder. The gap was then immediately filled, and confirmed the reversal going into the long weekend.

At this time, not much has changed about $CRSM other than:

1) They now have a tangible product, and…

2) The act of discovery has begun.

There is still a considerable amount of speculation required to envision the future of CRSM, but what else can you expect?

The app has literally been out for less than a week on Apple iOS devices.

Everything we’ve seen over the past few months has been THE ground floor opportunity, and the ride of a lifetime has only begun.

$Uber and $Lyft have established the market, but their business models and practice only seem to cause controversy as of late.

$Carsmartt provides solutions.

If national media networks learn that $CRSM is aggressively pursuing $Uber’s and $Lyft’s customer base, the implications could be worth Billions.

Read our May 4th article here.

View $CRSM’s OTC Profile here.

Check our their iHub board here.

Follow us on Twitter @themoneyshire.

You’re Invested in CBD, but have you Actually Tried it?

You’re Invested in CBD, but have you Actually Tried it?



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[Update] Electric Merger Magic | $ETFM 8-K Sets the Stage for Explosive Growth.

[Update] Electric Merger Magic | $ETFM 8-K Sets the Stage for Explosive Growth.

Update 03/08/2019:

More news has hit the wire.

New CEO Vik Grover has wasted little time establishing himself and the future vision of ETFM. Let’s just say we like what we see, but check it out for yourself.

Original Message

If you haven’t already heard, big news was released late in the day Thursday, March 7th for $ETFM, 2050 Motors.

If the rumors are true this could be a HUGE gainer for Friday’s trading session and into next week. 

Supposedly the company being merged in is worth upward of $100MM, and the merger is taking place to give the Chinese parent company access to the American markets. The new partnership plans to produce electric cars and integrate them into the American economy.

Just look at the type of growth we saw with Electrameccanica, ticker symbol SOLO, when they were merely compared to Tesla. Now we have a Chinese company moving in to take over the competition!!!

Look at this share structure! 
With ~680MM outstanding shares, the move today resulted in a market capitalization of ~$2.6MM, which is still grossly undervalued in my opinion. Plus, the move happened early enough in the day to allow for healthy churn at the $0.0035 support level before the closing bell.
Considering the current share structure, it isn’t hard to envision this stock reaching and maintaining a market capitalization of at least $10MM.
But the biggest impact we saw was on volume.
As you can see, volume was off the charts compared to the average daily volume with 200MM+ shares traded today.
Plus, to make the move even more impactful was the fact that the majority of shares exchanged hands in the last 90 minutes of the session! The surge was exciting to witness, and ever more fun to experience. 
You better believe the 8-k and price action we saw today on $ETFM hit the scanners, and there will be more traders/investors chomping at the bits to get a piece of the action tomorrow, and into the weeks ahead.


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Enjoy the Ride | $CRSM Set to Shine this Spring

Enjoy the Ride | $CRSM Set to Shine this Spring

Carsmartt Inc is going to take people by surprise. Mark these words. With the initial public offerings of both #Lyft and #Uber coming to the exchanges this spring, $CRSM is poised for big time growth. Let’s start with the basics.

Here are two websites to learn more about CRSM and their robotics partner.

CarSmartt Inc –

Aitheon –

Then, let’s look at twitter.

As you can see, CRSM has just recently begun communicating with their shareholders again after taking some time to regroup following the death of their co-founder and COO, Vito Visconti.

Just yesterday we learned that they are exploring opportunities in home delivery of #mj products, but this isn’t really new news. This is a logical step in their evolution. What really gets us excited is how these opportunities come about.

Let’s go back to 2017 and look at their original filing with the USPTO.

Nov. 13, 2017 Press Release –

Computer software coordinating transportation services, namely, software for electronic message alerts featuring leads, optimal matches, and scheduling movement of motorized vehicles.
Registration Number: 5,328,547 FIRST USE 11-15-2016; IN COMMERCE 3-1-2017

It’s the combination of transportation services and A.I. that really gets us excited. This particular union will attract a plethora of new opportunities as communication providers role out their 5G networks, and most people would agree that driverless cars are the inevitable future.

They also have their own ICO which allows them to provide their users with a multi-currency wallet.

Carsmartt® will utilize the new “COINSMARTT™” where all users of its Carsmartt® app, both drivers and riders and package owners, will pay utilizing a multi-Currency wallet and purchasing COINSMARTT™ for payment. Drivers will receive COINSMARTT™ for their ride payment that can convert into other Crypto Currency assets, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum or actual Cash.

The next notable press release came May of 2018 when we learned that…

…As of January 25 ,2018 Carsmartt, Inc. has entered in to an agreement with Archer Robotics, LLC., the companies agreed to establish a project and implementation plan to provide an autonomous vehicle platform for CarSmartt, focused on Parcels delivery with driverless cars.

Over the past 4 months, Archer through its Aitheon Team has been running a very successful ICO and to date has raised over $23,500,000.

Now, almost a year later, we may be getting ready to witness the fruits of their labor. We expect CRSM to provide updates as to their recent technological and business development very soon.

Additionally, we expect to see some type of communication that helps convey the vision and goals of Silvana as the newly appointed COO. Eventually the company will want to establish her presence.

This spring should bode well for CRSM and the transportation industry as a whole. Once @JimCramer starts talking about the #ridesharing economy, expect CRSM to gather extra attention.

Download the App:

Google Play:


Let’s get serious for a moment and talk about money, your money. More specifically let’s talk about how you manage your money. Do you have a system? Most people don’t and that is AMAZING to me… it absolutely blows my mind that people will usually take better care of their business than their own personal finances.

Think about it, if you were starting a business you would know your startup costs, equipment, labor, I’d imagine you’d have a plan before you embarked on your venture. So why don’t you have a plan for your personal life? Do you know what your financial calendar looks like? Do you even have one?

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Take control of your personal finances.

Take control of your life.



What Happened to $BRKK | A Closer Look at the Downward Trend.

What Happened to $BRKK | A Closer Look at the Downward Trend.

What the hell happened to $BRKK’s level of support? When looking at the technicals earlier in the week, we clearly saw an upward trend with BRK Inc closing out Tuesday at its support line and it seemed prime to bounce the following morning.

However, that didn’t happen…

Even Claytrader noticed the trend and indicated an upward move into Wednesday. Here’s a screenshot from his video.


So what happened here? Well, we have an idea… but it’s going to expose the darker side of the OTC.

Bear with us (no pun intended… okay maybe a little).

When the level of support for $BRKK did not hold we had to go back and rethink our analysis of the stock. We started digging through the forums for any sentiment, some piece of information that might have been overlooked.

Well we didn’t miss it per se, but we did find a new piece of evidence that will shine a light on Wednesday’s downward move.

We started retracing our steps, thinking we must have missed something in our due diligence over the weekend. Once we started backtracking we realized that we hadn’t missed anything, but a key piece of material was added to the report late Tuesday night that was overlooked (or not spoken of…) by the entire community.

We say that it was overlooked by EVERYONE because nobody was talking about it.

All we heard were crickets.

We couldn’t find a single shred of evidence to show where people were talking about this key filing that 100% explains why $BRKK experienced a drop in support.

Here it is…

Turns out that on Tuesday afternoon the default judgement, where BRKK was awarded $2.4MM dollars, was contested in the courts. Now it’s up to $BRKK to prove that they followed proper procedure, otherwise the ruling will be overturned and they will no longer have “won the case.”

This points to the more sinister side of the OTC, but the harsh reality is that it’s the wild, wild west out there. Once the default judgement was rendered, everyone immediately jumped into $BRKK in an attempt to be the first ones to the feeding.

We did the same thing, and still made a profit day trading. If you take a daily rinse and repeat approach then you probably loved the price action and made some money. However, if you were holding out for that momo, well… it never happened and now you’re stuck holding.

If you follow us then you either made money on the intraday volatility, or your stop-loss orders triggered and you walked away with minimal gains/loss depending on your entry and risk threshold.

The uncertainty in the OTC is palpable, and this is a prime example of why everyone should perform their own due diligence and NEVER take social media’s word for it. The key to being a successful micro-cap trader is managing your risk, and making sure that your gains are bigger than your losses.

Notice we didn’t say being sucessful means that you never lose. You have to learn how to lose small and win big or break even. As long as you avoid the “big loss” outcome, you’ll see success in the long run.

Also, we apologize if you perceive this post as “bashing” the stock. We only hope to be open and honest with our reporting, and this material evidence cannot be overlooked. Transparency is key to trust.

-Godspeed and happy trading!


What is the Efficient Frontier Ratio in Wealth Management?

What is the Efficient Frontier Ratio in Wealth Management?

As with all wealth management principles, there are a lot of moving parts. But one major concept that everyone needs to wrap there heads around is the risk to reward efficiency frontier ratio. Even though different research firms might use slightly different names, the idea is always the same.
Equity and Bond markets carry certain risk, and technically speaking they operate within an inverse relationship. That means when one market goes up, the other goes down, and visa versa.Therefore, when taking this inverse correlation into account you can see how having both equities and bonds in your portfolio helps to balance the equation.
The chart below, posted on the Young Research website, is the risk/reward efficient frontier, there is an optimal mix of asset classes that determine how much risk you are taking on in your portfolio vs the potential for reward. The way to read this graph it to understand the mix of equity and fix income holdings. 
The x axis measures how risk and the y axis is the potential for reward. As you can see, the riskiest allocation is 100% equity holdings, but it also has the greatest potential for producing rewards. The least riskiest portfolio, according to this graphic, is perceived to be about a 20/80 mix. Meaning that 20% of your portfolio is held in equity shares and the other 80% consist of fixed income holdings. Notice how placing your entire portfolio 100% in bonds is perceived as taking on more risk for less reward. This is because there is ZERO diversification. 
Now most investors, including myself, have an aggressive investor profile. Follow the link here to learn more about what an investor profile actually is, and how you can use it to determine what strategy is right for you. Personally, my profile is largely determined by my long time horizon. I have a 20+ year window and therefore and withstand the market fluctuations. The most important thing you can do in a down market is STAY INVESTED. It seems counter intuitive but down markets are the time to buy them if you need them, and hold them if you got them.
As I approach retirement age I will adjust my allocation to a more conservative model, and eventually land in the 20/80 capital preservation model when I actually start accessing my funds. 
Now that you know the basic principles of wealth management, it’s time to start learning to tools to implement this ideology to your own financial assets.  
If you don’t have a brokerage account, I recommend using TDAmeritrade, especially if you are just starting out. Personally I have used multiple brokers and eventually closed out all but TDA. By for their platform is the easiest to you, their real time quotes and low costs make them a top choice for money management. You can read about my favorite brokers here, and learn why I ultimately chose TDA by reading this article. To put it into one sentence. TDA has the best platform and lowest fees making them my number one choice for money management.
Not sure what type of account to open up. Read this article and the different types of accounts, and the benefits of each. If you are familiar with the brokerage accounts, you can click here to take it one step further and learn about the different types of financial vehicles that are available to you as an investor, Holding securities in a brokerage account a step, but it is not the only step in creating a properly diversified portfolio.