Welcome to the World Stage | $SBES $GOIG

Welcome to the World Stage | $SBES $GOIG

If you’ve been following our blog at all then you’ve probably seen the rise of South Beach Spirits [$SBES] this week.

The anticipation of a merger has traders on the edge of their seats, and many have already found reason to take a position.

Let’s bring everyone up to speed.

The  January 8-K filed by the interim management revealed that the Mina Mar Group was now a preferred shareholder and had invested interest in the shell corporation.

The interim management actually did their job, and did it well.

Now, when Mina Mar is involved, it usually points towards a merger of some kind. The Mina Mar Group sells corporate financial structures to businesses looking to grow their consituent base.

As you can see from our previous article, we believe a foreign entitiy is working with the Mina Mar Group to establish an aligned business presence in Canada. The industries are rumored (and I emphasize rumored) to be biopharm or cannabis related…maybe both, but I digress.

This quote summarizes the article quite well.

It is our opinion that the newly established officers for $SBES are strategically aligning multiple business interests to better facilitate international trade between the east and west.

Needless to say, the recent developments of what we believe to be a material event has our full attention.

The significance of a material event, such as the change of management or the aquisition of a corporate entity perhaps, is that it must be reported to shareholders in a timely manner, usually within 2-3 days.

If you want all the deep details click here.

It’s worth mentioning that many of the new directors of $SBES also hold leadership positions with $ZMRK, another recently revived organization that has faired rather well as of late.

The management team has established a track record of success.

It goes without saying, when the community received word that Mina Mar had finalized the sell of $SBES, we were ectstatic!

We learned from a community member that Mina Mar had completed the transaction and were now entirely out of the picture.

The message was very short and sweet. So I asked @weezus420 directly for more details to support the claim, and he came through generously with this.

As you can see the time and dates are apparopriate, and the story adds up, but I wasn't the only one who had questions.

Another community member had to hear it from the horse's mouth.

[The preferred shareholder mentioned below is Mina Mar Group as referenced in the 8-K filing from 1/28/2019. Mina Mar recently requested that their name not be used on the investor site ihub, thus the abstract reference.]

The same response as before and the verdict is in.

Mina Mar is no longer involved with $SBES, which means we should start seeing filings from the new management team hit the wire very, very soon.

Currently the market cap resides at a mere $1.87MM when the reality is there could be a 50M million dollar company setting up shop.

Growth from these levels could be enormous.



Another company making moves on the international stage is GoIP Global.

News recently dropped that confirmed the company is in the process of negotiating with the Kenyan government to grow and develop a cannabis and industrial hemp export network.

The current negotiations cover an initial lease of 500 acres for production, which can be expanded significantly. The lease term will be for 25 years.  Kenya being on the equator provides the best conditions for year round production coupled with being a major agricultural export country, will allow Kenyan Cannabis production to fill the need for Medical and recreational Cannabis demand for the European Union and Canada.

Read the full article here.

With countries like Canada and Israel now participating in the legal marijuana space, international trade is inevitable.

It's pretty clear that cannabis is going to be an economic stimulant for the entire world and Kenya is prime real estate. It's exciting to see an accessible organization take the lead on developing this highly anticipated infrastructure.

Consider $GOIG to be on breakout watch.

Boom or Bust? | Will $LGBS Rise to New Heights? [Update]

Boom or Bust? | Will $LGBS Rise to New Heights? [Update]

[Updated 3/20/19]

I wish this update was all sunshine and rainbows, but it’s more like the wild, wild West.

In true form, $LGBS announced a merger this morning in the cannabis sector and the stock took off beautifully as expected, for all of about 7 minutes…

Let’s just say it was a bloodbath. The stock plummeted to $0.0007 where it finished the day.

It was a miserable event to witness, and even worse to experience.

There seemed to be some notion of convertible debt dumped into the float once news was released.

Understand, sometimes it isn’t about price for the financial lenders, it’s about quantity. They may have an enormous amount of equity and need immediate cash. It isn’t about controlling the price, but attracting as many buyers as possible. Then they unload as many shares as they can above a certain price threshold.

Like their predecessor, LGBS turned into another sketchy disappointment, and is a prime example of what gives the OTC a scammy reputation.

Yeah, I said it…

Original Text

Legends Business Group ($LGBS) is a closely watched stock as of late but seems to be caught up in controversy, and traders are chomping at the bits.

PR released earlier today stated that a new venture is about to be announced, but first LGBS has to bring their OTC profile back to current status.

Here’s the full text of today’s release: https://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/legends-business-group-inc-announces-a-joint-venture-with-algaetech-international-and-no-material-20190319-00696

Here’s their most recent tweet (grammer and all…) which confirms that they have indeed submitted their otc paperwork.

Let’s take a look at the rest of their feed.

As you can see, it took four days to complete the NVSOS update, but LGBS followed through on their word and got the job done. In turn the stock saw a nice little bump and corresponding correction which brings us to our current PPS.

Here’s the NVSOS listing: https://www.nvsos.gov/SOSEntitySearch/CorpDetails.aspx?lx8nvq=SrTJNB4HKmlS9aanV2GTvQ%253d%253d&nt7=0

So where’s the controversy, you ask?

Rumor has it that $LGBS is embarking on a joint venture with Algae World 2020. Algae World is a subsidary of KYNC… and there’s the drama llama.

KYNC recently went through a promotional period and their stock had an enormous run. Unfortunately the company also had a substantial amount of recently converted debt spill into the float and depreciate the price.

Traders call this “dilution,” and it’s a dirty, dirty word.

LGBS has publicly commented that they do not have a deal with, nor even know of any mention of KYNC, and why should they?

Their business dealings have been with Algae World 2020, not KYN Capital. In fact, it could be possible that KYNC’s little fund raise could be used to finance the Algae/LGBS project, but I digress.

This brings me to my final point. The community has created controversy primarily for their own amusement, and in spite of themselves…

Much like the $SNMN/$TLRY fiasco, traders on social media made one too many assumptions and spoke out before doing their due diligence. It’s an unfortunate side effect of having an overly engaged audience.

On a positive note it did provide ample opportunity for traders to buy the dip. A few lucky traders were able to get their bids filled at $0.0009, but most had to enter above $0.001 which should still provide plenty of upside in the days to come.

The real question is what exactly do Algae and LGBS have up their sleeves? We caught wind of a joint venture, but no other details have emerged.

We do know that Algae has recently expanded their operations into Bangladesh. So it’s possible that LGBS is looking to gain an international footprint, but ultimately we just have to wait and see.

All in all, it is my personal opinion that the stock has been arbitrarily held down and is poised for growth.

I don’t preach conspiracy theories, but it appears that certain traders spread broad cloth assumptions about this company’s relations in order to help their peers load the boat, and attempt to control the float.

Why would groups fight over who controls the float?


They think this stock is going somewhere, and everyone wants a piece of the action.

The final question is, will you get yours?

Trip Zip Runners | Legends Begin Below a Penny – $SWHI $SNMN $SBES [Update]

Trip Zip Runners | Legends Begin Below a Penny – $SWHI $SNMN $SBES [Update]

[Updated 3/21/19]

It’s been a rollercoaster these last few weeks in the OTC. Questionable corporations and over enthusiastic shareholders have created a made-for-TV drama on social media.

$SBES just made a news splash on everyone’s radar with an update to its officers. Originally we reported on this stock as a channel trader, but turns out there was something much bigger brewing beneath the surface.

This photo was snagged from Twitter, and is the quickest way to explain the impact.

Twitter Credit: https://twitter.com/jcazz17/status/1108556503664025600?s=21

As you can see, $SBES now shares some of the same officers as $ZMRK and we all know of that company’s recent run from $0.0007 to $0.0194. Plus, the chart for $SBES shows a solid amount of accumulation over the last few weeks. So this ticker may be primed for takeoff.

So the question is, will $SBES be this management team’s next big success story? Only time will tell, but we’re eager to find out.

Secondly, let’s touch on what happened with $SNMN. Not to put too fine a point on it, but shareholders got carried away and began reproducing a false rumor on social media that simply wasn’t true.

Traders confused two separate companies, “Livwell” and “Livewell.” The former has a relationship with Willie’s Reserves, and the latter with the infamous Tilray Inc.

Long story short, traders assumed that $SNMN was linked to $TLRY through their equity interest in Baygrow who has a deal with Willie Reserves who in turn has a deal with “Livwell” which was confused with “Livewell” who is actually the company linked to Tilray… (Did you follow all that??)

It’s a long game of connect the dots, but once the community figured out that the connection to Tilray wasn’t real, it sapped all of the stock’s momentum and induced a large sell off.

Although the $SNMN/Baygrow/Willie connection is real, nothing is going to match the hype of a Tilray partnership.

Original Message

Some tickers leave traders biting their knuckles by turning fractions into cents and dollars. A well known example is $ICPA which ran from $0.0008 to $0.0585. A $10,000 position would have banked $700,000!

The most recent Washington runner (almost a full Washington) was $SHMP, which at the beginning of 2019 traded as low as $0.0155 cents, but on February 12, 2019 the stock reached a high of $0.95 for an impressive gain in a relatively short amount of time.

To put things in perspective, a $1500 position would have turned into $89,062.50.

Not a bad haul for a month of patiently twiddling your thumbs…

So where’s the next big winner?

Here’s our list of trip zips that needs your attention ASAP. Multiple catalysts are on the horizon and these prices might be long gone when news hits the wire.


Let’s start with the low floater.

$SWHI has a fantastically low float for a ticker still printing trips. It won’t take much dollar volume for this one to move north.

As for news, rumors surround $SWHI about pending mergers, new partnerships, yada, yada, yada.

Bottom line, nothing has been officially announced by the company. Last we heard they were expanding into the broadband internet business and haven’t heard much from them since.

Even so, the smallest update could send this one soaring. Their share structure is immaculate and a prime example of a well maintained stock.


Next let’s talk about catalysts, catalysts, and more catalysts.

With $SNMN, steady organic growth is the name of the game (at least we hope). SNM Global is an equity company with their hands in multiple partnerships, one in particular connected to the budding cannabis industry on the east coast has us very excited.

$SNMN’s recent activity can be summed up in one picture.

It goes without saying, but the fact that SNM Global has a 20% equity interest in Baygrow is extremely appealing.

Baygrow has recently applied for a prestigious Growers License in Maryland, and enlisted the help of some pretty heavy hitters.

We don’t have time to get into the details here, but if you don’t know about Jennifer Sanders with AURA Ventures, you should… but we’ll have more on that relationship later.


Finally, trading the chart.

$SBES has been channeling between $0.0006 and $0.0012 over the last few weeks. If the pattern holds, this should be an easy 80% swing.

Check the chart.

The debate here is whether we are looking at a double top, or a double bottom. The jury is still out on this one, but at these prices the reward significantly outweighs the risk.

My money says the channel will continue.

Custodian Delights | $REPO Gets Reinstated on NVSOS

Custodian Delights | $REPO Gets Reinstated on NVSOS

A few weeks ago we alerted you to a couple custodian transitions that had well publicized hearings on March 5th of this year.

Well, those dates have come to pass and the custodianship swings continue to develop.

Just today we learned that $REPO has been revived in the NVSOS (Nevada Secretary of State) database, and you can see where Lazar now holds the title of…  everything.

He’s a bloody one man show!

See for yourself…


This is exactly what we expected and were hoping would happen!

We knew that Lazar moved quickly when executing a merger and today we saw him get one step closer to fulfillment.  

Now that the company is reinstated we will continue to see updates on their OTC profile, and when news inevitably drops this stock will explode, just like every single one its predecessors.

There’s a reason people love to follow these custodianship plays…  it just takes time to develop, and the patience to capitalize.

Needles to say, we expect future updates regarding $REPO to come at lightening speeds. Once they reach current status it will be nothing but blue skies, and anyone who doesn’t take their position soon will find themself chasing the dust.

[Update] Electric Merger Magic | $ETFM 8-K Sets the Stage for Explosive Growth.

[Update] Electric Merger Magic | $ETFM 8-K Sets the Stage for Explosive Growth.

Update 03/08/2019:

More news has hit the wire.

New CEO Vik Grover has wasted little time establishing himself and the future vision of ETFM. Let’s just say we like what we see, but check it out for yourself.


Original Message

If you haven’t already heard, big news was released late in the day Thursday, March 7th for $ETFM, 2050 Motors.

If the rumors are true this could be a HUGE gainer for Friday’s trading session and into next week. 

Supposedly the company being merged in is worth upward of $100MM, and the merger is taking place to give the Chinese parent company access to the American markets. The new partnership plans to produce electric cars and integrate them into the American economy.

Just look at the type of growth we saw with Electrameccanica, ticker symbol SOLO, when they were merely compared to Tesla. Now we have a Chinese company moving in to take over the competition!!!

Look at this share structure! 
With ~680MM outstanding shares, the move today resulted in a market capitalization of ~$2.6MM, which is still grossly undervalued in my opinion. Plus, the move happened early enough in the day to allow for healthy churn at the $0.0035 support level before the closing bell.
Considering the current share structure, it isn’t hard to envision this stock reaching and maintaining a market capitalization of at least $10MM.
But the biggest impact we saw was on volume.
As you can see, volume was off the charts compared to the average daily volume with 200MM+ shares traded today.
Plus, to make the move even more impactful was the fact that the majority of shares exchanged hands in the last 90 minutes of the session! The surge was exciting to witness, and ever more fun to experience. 
You better believe the 8-k and price action we saw today on $ETFM hit the scanners, and there will be more traders/investors chomping at the bits to get a piece of the action tomorrow, and into the weeks ahead.


Do you have a good macro perspective of the markets? Are you looking for a better way to find trades? FINVIZ has you covered. With user friendly heatmaps and quick filters. it’s easy to find the perfect setup. FINVIZ even has real time streaming data so you can stalk your prey with a live feed. For a third party research tool, it doesn’t get much better than this. FINVIZ

Enjoy the Ride | $CRSM Set to Shine this Spring

Enjoy the Ride | $CRSM Set to Shine this Spring

Carsmartt Inc is going to take people by surprise. Mark these words. With the initial public offerings of both #Lyft and #Uber coming to the exchanges this spring, $CRSM is poised for big time growth. Let’s start with the basics.

Here are two websites to learn more about CRSM and their robotics partner.

CarSmartt Inc – https://ir.carsmartt.com/

Aitheon – https://www.aitheon.com/

Then, let’s look at twitter.

As you can see, CRSM has just recently begun communicating with their shareholders again after taking some time to regroup following the death of their co-founder and COO, Vito Visconti.

Just yesterday we learned that they are exploring opportunities in home delivery of #mj products, but this isn’t really new news. This is a logical step in their evolution. What really gets us excited is how these opportunities come about.

Let’s go back to 2017 and look at their original filing with the USPTO.

Nov. 13, 2017 Press Release –

Computer software coordinating transportation services, namely, software for electronic message alerts featuring leads, optimal matches, and scheduling movement of motorized vehicles.
Registration Number: 5,328,547 FIRST USE 11-15-2016; IN COMMERCE 3-1-2017

It’s the combination of transportation services and A.I. that really gets us excited. This particular union will attract a plethora of new opportunities as communication providers role out their 5G networks, and most people would agree that driverless cars are the inevitable future.

They also have their own ICO which allows them to provide their users with a multi-currency wallet.

Carsmartt® will utilize the new “COINSMARTT™” where all users of its Carsmartt® app, both drivers and riders and package owners, will pay utilizing a multi-Currency wallet and purchasing COINSMARTT™ for payment. Drivers will receive COINSMARTT™ for their ride payment that can convert into other Crypto Currency assets, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum or actual Cash.

The next notable press release came May of 2018 when we learned that…

…As of January 25 ,2018 Carsmartt, Inc. has entered in to an agreement with Archer Robotics, LLC., the companies agreed to establish a project and implementation plan to provide an autonomous vehicle platform for CarSmartt, focused on Parcels delivery with driverless cars.

Over the past 4 months, Archer through its Aitheon Team has been running a very successful ICO and to date has raised over $23,500,000.


Now, almost a year later, we may be getting ready to witness the fruits of their labor. We expect CRSM to provide updates as to their recent technological and business development very soon.

Additionally, we expect to see some type of communication that helps convey the vision and goals of Silvana as the newly appointed COO. Eventually the company will want to establish her presence.

This spring should bode well for CRSM and the transportation industry as a whole. Once @JimCramer starts talking about the #ridesharing economy, expect CRSM to gather extra attention.

Download the App:

Google Play:


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