Pure Adrenaline…

That’s how I’d describe the last week of trading for $CRSM.

We first reported on Carsmartt, Inc. in early March, back when speculations were high and the stock was largely still unknown.

At the beginning of May, we continued our coverage of Carsmartt, Inc. as they prepared to launch their new ride-sharing application…

Now, $CRSM has officially released their Rider’s and Driver’s application on Google Play and Apple iOS, and it looks slick!

I strongly recommend you download the app, and see for yourself.

Now, that being said…

No run is complete without it’s share of controversy, and the bashers are out in full force.

iHub is bubbling with banter from both sides of the isle. If you’re a supporter and decide to contribute to the conversation, expect to get hounded by one of three (if not all three) professional bashers. But I digress…

Visit the board and see for yourself.

Now one has to wonder…

Why would someone go out of their way, so consistently and agressively, to defame a company for so long if they didn’t have skin in the game? 🤔🤔

Seems to me it would be a huge waste of time unless you were strategically positioned to benefit from the negativity.

Thus a warning...

When browsing the boards, it’s important to keep things in perspective. Everyone posting has something to gain.

iHub isn’t the only influencer getting in on the action.

OTC Markets slapped a yield sign on $CRSM extremely late in the day on Tuesday.

You can see the impact this had on the stock directly. No question about it.

The yield sign was applied to their profile even though Carsmartt’s management was able to submit an updated filing that same day.

This culminated in three filings over the course of a week.

Though unfortunate, we have to welcome the strict regulations being enforced by the markets.

Now when you see a company listed on a specific market, it actually means something.

The OTC Markets drama seems to be short lived as we expect the yield sign to be removed at some point Tuesday following the holiday weekend.

Now it stands to be said…

Most companies in the OTC are lucky to get a single filing. Some tickers see a significant increase in price just because of an attorney letter…

Here we can see that CRSM’s management is extremely engaged and that builds confidence.

As for the bashers…

It’s a viscous process, but anyone who’s been around long enough has seen it play out time, and time again.

Even so, the negativity did not knock $CRSM off it’s feet.

You can see a nice, consistent scoop to end the week.

The smaller arrow points to a pattern which could arguably be interpreted as an inverted head and shoulders seen here…

The blue arrows point to a gap just off the second inverted shoulder. The gap was then immediately filled, and confirmed the reversal going into the long weekend.

At this time, not much has changed about $CRSM other than:

1) They now have a tangible product, and…

2) The act of discovery has begun.

There is still a considerable amount of speculation required to envision the future of CRSM, but what else can you expect?

The app has literally been out for less than a week on Apple iOS devices.

Everything we’ve seen over the past few months has been THE ground floor opportunity, and the ride of a lifetime has only begun.

$Uber and $Lyft have established the market, but their business models and practice only seem to cause controversy as of late.

$Carsmartt provides solutions.

If national media networks learn that $CRSM is aggressively pursuing $Uber’s and $Lyft’s customer base, the implications could be worth Billions.

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Check our their iHub board here.

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