The pet care industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the American economy. Each year, more and more money is spent on man’s best friend.

Combine that with the still untapped potential of the exploding #CBD market, and you have a recipe for success.

LinkResPet, a subsidiary of Link Reservations Inc. $LRSV, produces a line of CBD products specifically tailored for cats, dogs and horses.

Based in the UK, $LRSV is leading the way in product innovation. Just this month LinkResPet announced a new partnership to begin exploring #CBD water, and other aquaenrichment therapies.

(When I think about the importance of water quality in the horse racing industry, I can’t help but think they might be into something here…)

Water is THE absolute essential for life. It only makes sense to use it as a natural enhancer and remedy, and #CBD makes it possible.

$LRSV has proven to be at the bleeding edge, as today’s unknowns become tomorrow’s norms.

If $LRSV is able to market their product effectively and scale properly, their growth potential will be exponential in the days to come.