The question looms…

How is CarSmartt, Inc. still a penny stock?

Carsmartt, Inc. stays focused on providing solutions while Uber contends with contentious drivers

Carsmartt, Inc. is planning to disrupt a $100 billion dollar industry. Their new application is expected to rival Uber and Lyft, and potentially become a much-needed third option afforded to drivers and rider-sharers alike in the gig economy.

Competition is healthy, and many of the woes currently facing Uber and Lyft, the two titans of the ride-sharing sector, seem to stem from a lack of diversification. Limited choice and steep commissions plague the ride-sharing sector, and Carsmartt, Inc. is focused on being the solution.


Tensions are high amongst workers in the industry as they demand more rights and better pay from their overlords.

Even in controversy, Uber has an estimated IPO valuation of $90 billion dollars, but more on that in a minute…

This week has been a marathon of inquiry, investigation, and diligent fact finding. Carsmartt, Inc. has gone completely dark and information on their upcoming release is scarce.

The company has been very tight-lipped about their future endeavors.

Rumor has it they are consolidating their web presence and preparing to launch a new ride-sharing application that utilizes a coin-based wallet.

In the meantime however, this is all the information you get when you visit their website.

Not much to work with…

Thankfully the community has really stepped up and uncovered a treasure trove of goodies that you can use to familiarize yourself with Carsmartt, Inc. over the weekend.

As one of our members so eloquently put it:

Have you guys heard of amazon Flex? It’s people delivering amazon packages with their personal vehicles. Carsmartt is on the right track. This is why I poured money into it. They’re covering all the angles. With crypto adoption as well and their ico… It’s providing people with purchasing power.
They’re offering what people want. More pay. More payment Flexibility. And a variety of services so that drivers aren’t idle. Amazon is doing the same. [Uber and Lyft are also doing the same…]
There’s a new market, and there’s plenty of room For all companies to thrive. It’s not monopolized yet. And a piece of the pie is all we need.

To add to this point of “doing things right,” for this exact reason we see that Carsmartt may actually become a viable acquisition target in the near future. Though that is pure speculation at this time.

To make things easier, we have curated some relevant information for your viewing pleasure.

First and foremost, start with $CRSM’s application (that’s right, they already have a live beta-app) and social media profiles. As you can see they are very well put together and already have an established following.


[Note, I wouldn’t expect the beta version of the application to continue to function being that a newly updated app is about of officially launch.]




Here’s some eye candy from their instagram.

[Original Content 05/03/2019]

When Carsmartt, Inc. launches their new ride-sharing application in the coming weeks, and if it functions as advertised, it’s going to be one of the most sought after companies in the OTC.

Since Carsmartt’s website is currently down for maintenance, members of our trading community have been scrambling to find information on the company.

Here are three items that require your attention:

  1. Most recent filing by the company with an emphasis on date May 1st of 2019:
  2. White Pages outlining the company vision:
  3. Informative Interview where Carsmartt rep explains their vision and points towards the future:

Think about it…

As of writing this article, Lyft has a market capitalization of $15.5 Billion dollars, and Uber is rumored to have an estimated IPO valuation of $90 Billion.

A $90 billion dollar valuation for a company said to be losing money…

Now, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that $CRSM will engage with at least 1% (probably more) of the ride-sharing market over the next two years.

That’s right! For these valuations to work we’re focused on 1% engagement!

Even a measly one percent market share, assuming all things equal, would catapult Carsmartt’s market capitalization to One Billion Dollars.

That means we’re looking at an approximate price of $2.50 per share.

One percent of $100 billion dollars is substantial.

If their upcoming release even glimmers of success and has consistent adoption rates amongst drivers, we could see the price per share leave penny land permenantley.

…and the odds of them having a “successful” launch are pretty awesome.

It’s very probable that at least 10% of the ride-sharing market will register with Carsmartt to simply try the service and get first hand experience. Especially with Carsmartt promising 25% higher commission payouts to their drivers.

These higher payouts couldn’t have hit the market at a more attractive and lucrative time.

Uber drivers have been going on strike all over the world and Carsmartt may be the solution they’re looking for.

Additionally, emerging labor advocates are making competition stiffer than ever, and we believe Carsmartt will attract users and experience growth based on two key factors:

  1. Drivers are said to receive 25% more commissions for their work (as previously stated) and…
  2. Carmartt, Inc. utilizes a coin based wallet making their application and payment system seamless across international boarders.

In my personal opinion, it’s one of the most practical applications of blockchain technology to date.

So, not only does their primary application disrupt a $100 billion dollar ride-sharing industry, but they’re also building inherent value in a proprietary blockchain based currency.

Not to mention the potential for a self-driving fleet…

With that said, there’s a pretty good chance that Carsmartt will get a considerable amount of attention in the coming months.

There is even a chance that we’re witnessing the birth of the “big three” publicly traded ride-sharing corporations.

Only time will tell, but we are extremely excited to see what the future holds.

When official news from the company hits the wire, things could get very interesting, very quickly.

Check back for more information as updates become available, and for more information on $CRSM check out our introductory article here:

P.S. We have reached out to the company for comment but they are not taking media requests at this time. We will update this article the moment more information becomes available.

Stay tuned…