[Update 4/24/19]

$GOIG is now Pink Current with the OTC markets. Check the picture proof…

Per the company’s previous press release, Ike (CEO) had a trip scheduled to visit Kenya and continue negotiations to begin producing and distributing cannabis from the country.

News looks hopeful that countries in the surrounding region are taking initiative to capitalize on the growing, freshly legalized industry, and Kenya is prime real estate on the equator with a bountiful labor market.

We look for corporate updates, shareholder information, and potential material events to be disclosed very, very soon.

Judging from the price action, anticipation is beginning to overflow and we could see a strong move north sooner rather than later.

[Update 4/19/19]

Here we go ladies and gentlemen!

Less than 24 hours from our $GOIG publication we see yet another update from the company. This is precisely the reason we choose to report on this type of action in the OTC.

$GOIG might have a checkered history, but learning how to spot an organizational turnaround is what separates good traders from the great.

It’s the ability to manage risk, and take early positions in epic trades.

Since we started following $GOIG we have seen the company go from a full on stop sign 🛑, dark and defunct, to one attorney letter away from being pink current.

Their profile is shaping up nicely.

With an updated TA we can confirm that all action in the stock has been retail. Though big, their share structure is solid and isn’t being diluted.

Having a larger float means that there is more liquidity in the stock.

Many OTC traders like low float plays because it can make the price action more volatile, and big gains can occur in a relatively short amount of time.

The downside to this strategy is it increases your likelihood of getting “stuck” in a position.

You might own 100K shares, but if only 10K sit on the bid you can’t sell without damaging the price. It can become a catch-22 at times and leaves traders staring a gains that can’t be fully realized.

Not so with $GOIG….

In fact, there is a whole clique of OTC traders that only trade large floats because it allows more money to flow through the stock.

Here’s $GOIG’s security details, updated as of yesterday.

Having a larger float means there is more opportunities to take large positions.

Depending on the size of your portfolio, it might not be worth the effort and fee to take a $100 position in a low floater.

Matching liquidity with position size is important to a well rounded trading strategy, and there is definitely a time and place for plays like $GOIG.

Now that the TA is verified, it adds even more transparency to $GOIG’s relationship with their shareholders.

These updates will pay off big over time as $GOIG earns the trust of more and more traders.

We expect to see more updates in near future, and look forward to reporting on what the company has in store for 2019.

This one is just getting started…

Original Content

Mastering the OTC is tricky business, especially with all the pumping, hyping, calling, bashing, promoting, whistleblowing, insider shenanigans, diluting, converting, and retweeting going on…


One sure fire way to cut through the static is with personal due diligence. Taking time to understand how a play should potentially develop is critical to becoming a successful micro-cap trader. By the time a stock in the OTC makes a move, it’s already over.  


You must buy when nobody else is buying or you’ll be stuck watching from the sidelines.


It’s important to always be thinking three steps ahead, and that is exactly why we continue to discuss one of our main spring swings, $GOIG.


Just as anticipated $GOIG posted their annual review on April 12th. They also had the stop sign removed from their OTCM profile as a result of submitting their annual review. 


So where do we go from here? What’s the usual process for bringing a company current, and what are the benefits of doing so? 


I’m glad you asked…


Follow this link for more information on the OTC markets designations.


Step one is to bring the company’s financial situation current with full disclosure listed on the OTC markets.

The OTC markets acknowledged this has been completed by removing the stop sign from $GOIG’s profile.

The following step is for a lawyer to draft a letter and sign off on the report to show that a third party has confirmed the report to be accurate and in good standing.


(The OTC markets will not just take any financial document without cause. Therefore, additional parties must be included in the process.)


Being in current standings with the OTC markets is crucial because it allows the company to start communicating freely with their shareholders and constituents.

With a stop sign in effect (or now in this case a yield) the company must be careful in open communications because it’s widely known that they are not making financial information public.

Investors do not have a reasonable opportunity to make educated decisions without financials. Period.

Too much communication and not enough disclosure will attract the dreaded CE badge, otherwise known as the buyer beware skull and crossbones, which can be a deadly blow to a stock’s potential.


In the case of $GOIG, we are seeing them move towards growth and approved communication.


The last release we saw mention of GoIP Global did not concern them directly, but was more a high-level look at developments in Africa as a whole. $GOIG had their name dropped because of the work they are doing in Kenya, but the press release itself was not directed towards $GOIG shareholders.


A marketing grey area to say the least…


But once $GOIG brings their OTC profile current, they can start communicating directly to shareholders, and begin to divulge more details regarding recent corporate developments. 


That’s when things will really start to heat up!


As it stands, all we really know are material facts from 2018, and that $GOIG is still in the early stages of revival.

As you can see from the filings this process began back in November of 2018 when multiple reports were submitted in short order, with the final filing closing out the 2018 calendar year being submitted just last week.


It’s a long, and tedious process…


So, ask yourself this. Would a company spend the time, money, and resources to embark on a six-month financial audit to bring their OTC market profile current for nothing? 


We at Moneyshire are of the mind that $GOIG has something to share with their constituents, but they must wait until their organization is properly aligned to do so.

If $GOIG jumps the gun and releases information too soon they could incur fines and have negative labels displayed on their profile, and that doesn’t bode well for anyone.


That said, $GOIG holds a HUGE amount of potential. Most can be derived from who we know is working with the company, and their reputations as deal makers.


In January Ike Sutton, CEO of GoIP Global, announced that Robert Hoban Esq. would be leading their advisory board. 

Here’s a little more about Robert, known as a “dealmaker” in the cannabis sector.

 There is no reason to believe that Robert and his team won’t get the job done.

The next huge catalyst building is their connection to Israel as mentioned here.

International trade is the name of the game.


To put it bluntly, we know that $GOIG has something big in the works and it involves cannabis. We’re talking international distribution big… and the team leading the charge is the best in the business. 


Shareholders need to be patient here. If a flood of updates came pouring in all at once, sure it would create a buying frenzy, but it would also create a sell off and the stock would never recover. 


Legitimate business takes time to develop, and even more time to execute. Since November of 2018 we have seen Ike and his team follow through with every single utterance, and there is no reason to think the trend won’t continue through 2019.


So buckle up, this one is just getting started.