$SBES landed big for our readers when it ran from $0.0007 to $0.0027 on March 28th, 2019.

That’s when it encountered some bad news, and reminded us of an important lesson in the OTC.

Always expect the unexpected.

The hype revolving around $SBES included a merger of an international sort, and the suspicion was confirmed by a new badge that populated on their OTC Markets profile early in the week.

There’s definitely a transition in effect, but unfortunately the new marking is intended to alert investors that there is now an a control dispute for the company.

Apparently there was a disgruntled ex employee that decided to make some waves…

The trading community reacted to the news as expected and there was a distinct sell off.

$SBES ended the week at $0.0016 and the PPS has accumulated nicely in the $0.0015/$0.0016/$0.0017 area.

We don’t expect the price to move much until further developments reveal the direction and status of new ownership.

What happens next will determine the fate of $SBES 🧐.

Time is of the essence, but if the company resolves the control dispute and moves forward, expect the price to move back up to the $0.0025 range very quickly, and from there start an uptrend that ebbs and flows with each PR into the foreseeable future.

Expect traders to be sitting on go at these prices. If favorable news is released $SBES could ignite into a buying #fomo frenzy.


Mission Farms CBD


Since the beginning of 2019, there has been a steady, yet appropriate amount of press releases from $GOIG to communicate the vision and current direction of the company.

…and the implications are massive?

Most recently traders are waiting for an update from Kenya. Last we heard, Ike Sutton, CEO of GoIP Global, had a trip planned to continue the negotiation of a 500 acre, 25 year land lease to farm and export cannabis.

Key word here is export.

The labor market in Kenya is hungry for opportunity.

The climate and seasons are ideal for year round growing.

The company’s front line exposure means that it is possible that they may have a monopoly on the export infrastructure for the time being.

$GOIG will dictate and heavily influence the cannabis market for an entire country.

That news is huge in and of itself, but that’s not all.

The company also informed shareholders that they are working not only on international developments, but domestic growth as well.

Needless to say, it seems that there will be a consistent stream of press this summer, the implications of which could spell out massive growth as more details come to light over the next few weeks.


We initially considered $SWHI to be a wildcard based on solid liquidity and the stock’s immaculate share structure.

However, a wildcard shan’t be so reliable… Like clockwork the company released their annual report.

A few weeks earlier an informal letter to shareholders stated that the annual report was immenent.

It hit the wire first of April, right on schedule.

It was known that the report would not contain any blockbuster revelations, but would rather focus on their current business model.

That seems logical to us. Focus and care for what you have, before you move on to something new.

That “something new” has traders on edge.

If the company keeps their word, we should see updates concerning recent business developments (not related to their current model but something new…) in the next few weeks.

Until then expect the float to lock up and begin to appreciate from the $0.0009 price point as supply dries up, and demand increases.

Thats when things will get very exciting. With this share structure, when news drops we could see a healthy and extravagant run to new heights.

It’s not everyday you have a chance to see a stock perform with this much potential, but patience is a virtue and as of writing this article it’s still a wait-and-see situation.

For traders with the capital and risk threshold, this is a diamond in the rough.