[April 4th, 2019]

Trader’s sentiment can be a finicky thing…

$SBES’s stock was abused yesterday as traders reacted to a new badge that populated on South Beach Spirits’ OTC profile.

Recently OTC Markets alerted the community of a control dispute involving SBES as it transitioned ownership. So naturally we reached out to our constituents, who shall remain nameless, and received this response.

Apparently someone from the old organization is holding up the process.

While in general this is viewed as a positive (being that it confirms there is something worth fighting over…) it didn’t bode well for the PPS in the short term.

The stock closed out Tuesday’s session at 13 basis points, down more than 50% from its recent high.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The management team of $SBES is first class, and while they’re playing their cards close to their chest by not revealing any information about the merger, they are being responsive and actively working on the issue, and communicating to the valued shareholder.

This is a serious boost of confidence, and shows that the team working behind the scenes are focused professionals!

It shows strength 💪, and if/when this management team resolves the dispute and submits their filings, expect the price to come roaring back to the yearly highs and beyond.

[April 1st, 2019 Copy]

Sometimes the OTC can feel like a desert, and for $SBES investors that reality is ever more present with the current gag order in effect.

Last we heard, $SBES was sold away from the Mina Mar Group to what appears to be a mergers and acquisitions company in China, Golden Panegyric, Inc. (You’ll probably have to hit the translate button…).

When inquired about the transaction, Mina Mar representatives confirmed that the transaction was complete, but refused to comment further being that they were obligated to a non-disclosure agreement.

Turns out they were getting so many inquires that they updated the website with one final notice to investors. See it for yourself, https://sbescorporate.com/.

Amanda Zhao, acting President of $SBES, also politely declined to speak on the matter when asked about the reorganization process over the phone due to the NDA.

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I have even personally penned emails to Chen Limin, legal advisor and Director of $SBES, to see if I could get even the slightest acknowledgement, but yet to no avail. #iced


You would think that if they weren’t managing the transition, a cordial “no” would suffice as a response…

Here we have a legitimate company brokering what appears to be a reverse merger with an expanding international organization. The due process of such a bureaucratic ask can be, for lack of a better word, dull. There are considerable lulls in the markets during these moments of silence, and investors can be a precarious bunch.

Which brings me to my point, relax.

I think Simon Sinek said it best, and captures a core pillar of my personal investment philosophy.

Simon SInek People not ideas quote

Invest in people.

Meihua Xu is the listed Treasurer and Secretary of South Beach Spirits, Inc. according the NVSOS filing.

He also just met with the Canadian Prime Minister.


This particular group has gained control of multiple stocks in the OTC, and their sole purpose is to give growing companies access to fluid capital markets.

As investors, patience is a virtue (until it’s silence burns you…).

The truth, from our perspective at least, is that nobody really knows what’s beyond the horizon with these incoming organizations.

What we do know is that every affiliation points to a reverse merger, and the people behind the transition are networking with the Canadian Prime Minister. I mean, it doesn’t get any more high-profile than that, and in a country that just legalized a novel cannabis industry to boot.

I’ll leave you with one last picture from the feed of Robert Xu.

Could this related to the $SBES project? Only time will tell…


Original Content

It looks like there’s a new kid on the block.

With recreational use of marijuana now 100% legal in Canada, international competition is beginning to emerge.

Just recently traders have uncovered a developing international infrastructure with strategically positioned businesses slowly being consolidated under one management team.

The most recent addition to this economic ecosystem is South Beach Spirits, otherwise referred to by its ticker symbol $SBES.

Updates landed on NVSOS just a few days ago, and the newly listed officers manage multiple operations that appear to systemically establish an international cannabis trade pipeline.

Have a look.

The involved officers seem to be building a significant business presence that coincidentally revolves around “agriculture.” With cannabis legalization now passed and (essentially) fully functioning in Canada, world legalization and distribution is inevitably on the horizon.

The new officers are also strongly linked to another trending company, Zalemark Inc. ($ZMRK), who’s stock recently had an immaculate run and is rumored to be merging with a marijuana titan.

Here’s $ZMRK’s lineup. Notice anyone familiar?

So where does $SBES fit in?

The management team that recently assumed control of $SBES has a strong resumé, with years of experience leading public enterprises and an influential network of partners.

Another business connection of note that points towards the rising cannabis industry is Blue Sky Greenhouses. Rumor has it they have very close relations with the new management team as well.

In fact, there are so many rumors we can’t cover them all in one place. Just look at this list of officer affiliations. How many recipes for success can you come up with?


In summary, it looks like a rather large presence is encroaching on Canadian soil and opportunity is knocking at the door!

It is our opinion that the newly established officers for $SBES are strategically aligning multiple business interests to better facilitate international trade between the east and west.

When you think of the global cannabis and hemp economy, it can be hard to wrap your head around the scale and magnitude of this type of project.

The upside could be parabolic.

Update us in the comment section if you have more information about this emerging event.


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