If you’ve been following our blog at all then you’ve probably seen the rise of South Beach Spirits [$SBES] this week.

The anticipation of a merger has traders on the edge of their seats, and many have already found reason to take a position.

Let’s bring everyone up to speed.

The  January 8-K filed by the interim management revealed that the Mina Mar Group was now a preferred shareholder and had invested interest in the shell corporation.

The interim management actually did their job, and did it well.

Now, when Mina Mar is involved, it usually points towards a merger of some kind. The Mina Mar Group sells corporate financial structures to businesses looking to grow their consituent base.

As you can see from our previous article, we believe a foreign entitiy is working with the Mina Mar Group to establish an aligned business presence in Canada. The industries are rumored (and I emphasize rumored) to be biopharm or cannabis related…maybe both, but I digress.

This quote summarizes the article quite well.

It is our opinion that the newly established officers for $SBES are strategically aligning multiple business interests to better facilitate international trade between the east and west.

Needless to say, the recent developments of what we believe to be a material event has our full attention.

The significance of a material event, such as the change of management or the aquisition of a corporate entity perhaps, is that it must be reported to shareholders in a timely manner, usually within 2-3 days.

If you want all the deep details click here.

It’s worth mentioning that many of the new directors of $SBES also hold leadership positions with $ZMRK, another recently revived organization that has faired rather well as of late.

The management team has established a track record of success.

It goes without saying, when the community received word that Mina Mar had finalized the sell of $SBES, we were ectstatic!

We learned from a community member that Mina Mar had completed the transaction and were now entirely out of the picture.

The message was very short and sweet. So I asked @weezus420 directly for more details to support the claim, and he came through generously with this.

As you can see the time and dates are apparopriate, and the story adds up, but I wasn't the only one who had questions.

Another community member had to hear it from the horse's mouth.

[The preferred shareholder mentioned below is Mina Mar Group as referenced in the 8-K filing from 1/28/2019. Mina Mar recently requested that their name not be used on the investor site ihub, thus the abstract reference.]

The same response as before and the verdict is in.

Mina Mar is no longer involved with $SBES, which means we should start seeing filings from the new management team hit the wire very, very soon.

Currently the market cap resides at a mere $1.87MM when the reality is there could be a 50M million dollar company setting up shop.

Growth from these levels could be enormous.



Another company making moves on the international stage is GoIP Global.

News recently dropped that confirmed the company is in the process of negotiating with the Kenyan government to grow and develop a cannabis and industrial hemp export network.

The current negotiations cover an initial lease of 500 acres for production, which can be expanded significantly. The lease term will be for 25 years.  Kenya being on the equator provides the best conditions for year round production coupled with being a major agricultural export country, will allow Kenyan Cannabis production to fill the need for Medical and recreational Cannabis demand for the European Union and Canada.

Read the full article here.

With countries like Canada and Israel now participating in the legal marijuana space, international trade is inevitable.

It's pretty clear that cannabis is going to be an economic stimulant for the entire world and Kenya is prime real estate. It's exciting to see an accessible organization take the lead on developing this highly anticipated infrastructure.

Consider $GOIG to be on breakout watch.