A few weeks ago we alerted you to a couple custodian transitions that had well publicized hearings on March 5th of this year.

Well, those dates have come to pass and the custodianship swings continue to develop.

Just today we learned that $REPO has been revived in the NVSOS (Nevada Secretary of State) database, and you can see where Lazar now holds the title of…  everything.

He’s a bloody one man show!

See for yourself…


This is exactly what we expected and were hoping would happen!

We knew that Lazar moved quickly when executing a merger and today we saw him get one step closer to fulfillment.  

Now that the company is reinstated we will continue to see updates on their OTC profile, and when news inevitably drops this stock will explode, just like every single one its predecessors.

There’s a reason people love to follow these custodianship plays…  it just takes time to develop, and the patience to capitalize.

Needles to say, we expect future updates regarding $REPO to come at lightening speeds. Once they reach current status it will be nothing but blue skies, and anyone who doesn’t take their position soon will find themself chasing the dust.