Carsmartt Inc is going to take people by surprise. Mark these words. With the initial public offerings of both #Lyft and #Uber coming to the exchanges this spring, $CRSM is poised for big time growth. Let’s start with the basics.

Here are two websites to learn more about CRSM and their robotics partner.

CarSmartt Inc –

Aitheon –

Then, let’s look at twitter.

As you can see, CRSM has just recently begun communicating with their shareholders again after taking some time to regroup following the death of their co-founder and COO, Vito Visconti.

Just yesterday we learned that they are exploring opportunities in home delivery of #mj products, but this isn’t really new news. This is a logical step in their evolution. What really gets us excited is how these opportunities come about.

Let’s go back to 2017 and look at their original filing with the USPTO.

Nov. 13, 2017 Press Release –

Computer software coordinating transportation services, namely, software for electronic message alerts featuring leads, optimal matches, and scheduling movement of motorized vehicles.
Registration Number: 5,328,547 FIRST USE 11-15-2016; IN COMMERCE 3-1-2017

It’s the combination of transportation services and A.I. that really gets us excited. This particular union will attract a plethora of new opportunities as communication providers role out their 5G networks, and most people would agree that driverless cars are the inevitable future.

They also have their own ICO which allows them to provide their users with a multi-currency wallet.

Carsmartt® will utilize the new “COINSMARTT™” where all users of its Carsmartt® app, both drivers and riders and package owners, will pay utilizing a multi-Currency wallet and purchasing COINSMARTT™ for payment. Drivers will receive COINSMARTT™ for their ride payment that can convert into other Crypto Currency assets, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum or actual Cash.

The next notable press release came May of 2018 when we learned that…

…As of January 25 ,2018 Carsmartt, Inc. has entered in to an agreement with Archer Robotics, LLC., the companies agreed to establish a project and implementation plan to provide an autonomous vehicle platform for CarSmartt, focused on Parcels delivery with driverless cars.

Over the past 4 months, Archer through its Aitheon Team has been running a very successful ICO and to date has raised over $23,500,000.

Now, almost a year later, we may be getting ready to witness the fruits of their labor. We expect CRSM to provide updates as to their recent technological and business development very soon.

Additionally, we expect to see some type of communication that helps convey the vision and goals of Silvana as the newly appointed COO. Eventually the company will want to establish her presence.

This spring should bode well for CRSM and the transportation industry as a whole. Once @JimCramer starts talking about the #ridesharing economy, expect CRSM to gather extra attention.

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Google Play:


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