When penny stocks die off they lose their liquidity go dormant. They become stagnant, and the price slowly depreciates over time. More often then not they experience a R/S to get their bloated share structure in order, and then they get bought out for their last valuable asset, their share structure.

Richard Chiang is the man who purchases that asset.

Chiang specializes in helping private companies go public and brokers deals between the old and the new. He is exciting to watch and has many big wins under his belt.

Here’s the post that indicates Chiang will obtain custodianship of $PARS on March 5th. At least that’s the hearing date.

These are highly speculative plays that may take time to develop, but can create absolute windfalls of wealth. Custodian transitions point to a reverse merger 90% of the time. Look at $DEVM, that was a Chiang play and it worked out very well for the early adopters.

The companies that merge in usually have active revenues, and are very excited to take advantage of the growth potential that public entities enjoy. All you have to do is enjoy the ride.

Another notable hearing on the 5th is $REPO, which from what I understand is a Lazar play, but I digress…

As always, don’t just take our word for it, go do your own Due Diligence.




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