Here’s what’s on deck for February 20th, 2019 in the OTC.

Traders: $BRKK, $ATWT, $MXMG

Long Growth: $NGTF, $PHGRF

Watch & Load: $BANT $ETEF $CRSM $LEAS

$BRKK – Owns proprietary helmet camera technology and recently came out the victor of a recent lawsuit. They now have a patent pending.

$ATWT – Has a small share structure and very low liquidity. It won’t take much volume at all to get this one running. Also be aware of the low liquidity. Don’t get trapped.

$MXMG- Maxima Group spent the whole day caught in a bear trap, but the volitility produced enough price swings to make some money. If this doesn’t show a reversal soon, I’d expect it to run its course by the end of the week.

$NGTF- All the fundamentals are there. National distribution of a consumer product with mass market appeal. Let me put this into perspective. Nightfood’s goal is to have it’s ice cream in 10,000 locations. CVSI has consumer product in 2000 locations. Plus Nightfood owns MJ Munchies and the Half-Baked brand. They are moving at the pace of the legal system, not pushing the boundaries too much, and fundamentally that is very strong in my book.

$PHGRF – This company is growing very quickly through the Canadian healthcare system. They now have an integrated cloud system with over 3MM patients. They are also expanding their services into the Chinese market.

$BANT $ETEF $CRSM $LEAS – These tickers are on watch. There is chatter on the boards and potential catalysts on the horizon. I encourage you to go perform some due diligence, and research these companies. They are in their preloading stage, and have potential to produce momo at some point in the near future.

If I’ve made any mistakes or omitted relevant details, let us know in the comments below.