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Strategic Asset Leasing, ticker symbol $LEAS, is a blazing hot microcap stock that has recently been resurrected from the depths of the OTC, and with good reason.

Just today we discovered that the company has updated their transfer agent, and more importantly verified their share structure with the OTC Markets. Follow the link here to check out their listing.

Of course this information caught our attention being dated 2/20/2019.

First off, the A/S looks great with 800MM authorized and ~100MM restricted. When thinking of price value and market capitalization, $5MM in revenues would have a significant impact on the PPS.

Most big board stocks trade with a market cap that doubles or even triples their gross revenues. Take Apple for example who in 2018 reported $265 billion in revenues, but trades with a current market cap of $800 billion.

That type of sudden revenue growth, from $0 to $5MM, can be typical in a R/M scenario or acquisition.

Now, why would an organization waste time and resources to update their agent and verify their share structure if not for planning to do something? An M&A perhaps?

Funny, we had the same thought, so I reached out to them via email and asked these questions:

…and received a response from David Lundgren, Investor Relations.

His response sounds like a merger and that’s amazing news!!!

Not only do we have confirmation that this company intends to keep moving forward, they are playing by the rules and getting their house in order properly. The question is who are they merging in?

Rumor is confirmed that they are in the middle of a merger and will soon be disclosing information about a new aquisition. Our best guess is that they finally sold off their best asset, their share structure.

Despite any rumors, fact remains that $LEAS is currently upating their filings, removing the stop sign, and preparing for a significant transition. Chances are, this thing could explode!

If you have any more information or due diligence about Strategic Asset Leasing, $LEAS, leave a comment or hit us up on twitter, @themoneyshire.

-Happy Trading