What the hell is wrong with people?

Listen, at the end of the day, when you purchase a security you are purchasing a share of ownership. You then have a personal, monetary stake in the health and viability of that business. So answer me this…

Why in the world would someone buy into a company that is actively filing for bankruptcy???

I don’t get it.

$ANWWQ hasn’t even had it’s court hearings which, from what I’ve read, is scheduled for early March.

So many people are bickering about whether the shares will be terminated or not post filing. Whether the shares will be “worth” something on the other side of bankruptcy!!

People, I’ve got bad news.


Why is this even a discussion?

So many other companies that deserve your attention and aren’t in the process of filing for bankruptcy.

Where’s your head at? Don’t get caught up with all the hype.

Think rationally.